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In this first dinosaur charity running event at Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education ("YCCECE"), 100 kid runners are invited to join the timed speed run game in a dinosaur costume provided in the running pack. They are competing on the running track at Pamela Peck Discovery Space (PPDS), two runners at a time.  The running track is suitable for kid runners aged 3 to 10. 

耀中幼教學院舉辦第一次恐龍慈善跑步比賽活動,邀請100位兒童跑手穿上可愛的恐龍裝參加計時速度賽跑。 屆時跑手們將在耀學園的跑道上比賽,每場賽事將有兩名選手同時作賽。耀學園跑道適合 3 至10 歲的兒童跑手。

Runner Package ​ 跑手禮包

  • 1x Dinosaur costume ​恐龍服飾

  • 1x Running Game Pass 恐龍慈善跑參加証 

  • 1x PPDS session access pass (morning session 9am-12nn or afternoon session 1pm-4pm)耀學園半日入場証

  • 1x Completion medal and cert 賽事獎牌及完成証明

  • 1x Accompany adult Entrance Pass 陪同人士(成人)入場証

Application fees & donation  參加費用及籌款金額

Runner Package is HK$900 per person. Each runner is required to raise a minimum of HK$900.  All fees and funds raised from the event (after expense) would be used to support the academic program and developmental needs of Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education.

每位跑手參賽費用HK$900 及需籌款最少HK$900。所有活動籌得之款項扣除開支後,將用作支持耀中幼教學院教學及發展。

VIP Team Package for 10  貴賓團隊禮包(十人)

Price  費用: HK$18,000

Fundraising amount 最低捐款金額: HK$50,000 minimum
*Runners must present proof of donation on the day of the event 參加者須在活動當日出示捐款證明


  • 10x Dinosaur costumes  恐龍裝

  • 10x Running Game Passes (45 min exclusive session)  恐龍慈善跑參加証 (45分鐘包場)

  • 10x PPDS session access  耀學園半日入場証

  • 10x Completion medals & certificate  賽事獎牌及完成證書

  • 10 x Accompanying adult Entrance Passes 陪同人士(成人)入場証

  • 1x Professional photo

Age Requirement​  年齡要求

Suitable for kid runners aged 3 to 10  適合3至10歲小童

Remarks  備註

  • Each participating kid runner would be accompanied by one parent. The parent of the participant would be entitled to get ONE Accompanying Adult Entrance Wrist Band for admission to the venue for free.

  • The parent of the participant aged 3-10 can choose to purchase ONE extra Adult Entrance Wrist Band ($120) or ONE Sibling Entrance Wrist Band  (HK$120) for admission to the venue on the event day.

  • Parents who hold an Accompanying Adult Entrance Wrist Band or kids who hold a Sibling Entrance Wrist Band are not allowed to receive any runner packages or gifts and cannot participate in the running game or workshops at PPDS.

  •  每位參與的兒童跑手將由一位家長陪同。 參加者的家長將獲取一條陪同人士(成人)入場証手帶,於當日進出比賽場地。

  • 3-10 歲參加者的家長可選擇額外購買一條成人入場証手帶(港幣120 元)或兄弟入場証手帶(港幣120 元),於當日出入比賽場地。 

  • 持有成人入場証手帶的家長或持有兄弟入場証手帶的兒童不會獲取任何跑手禮包或禮物,也不能參加跑步比賽或工作坊。

Starting Time Arrangement  比賽開始時間

Starting time will be arranged in accordance with the runner number and running game session. Runners are required to start the timed running game at their arranged time. The exact starting time for each game will be announced at a later stage.

開始時間將根據跑手人數和跑步比賽時段安排。 跑手須在指定時間作賽。 每場比賽的確切開始時間將在稍後階段公佈。

Pamela Peck Discovery Space ("PPDS") is a haven where children and their adults can enjoy time together, building quality relationships. This innovative and stimulating learning space is designed to keep the child at the centre, providing a child with opportunity to explore their curiosities, wonders and imagination. Click here for more information. 


About PPDS  關於耀學園

Runner Dinosaur Costume  跑手恐龍服飾

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