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Corporate Sponsorship 企業贊助

If you are interested to sponsor this worthy cause, we would be delighted to provide more detailed information and discuss how we can tailor the packages to align with your objectives. Below are corporate packages for your consideration.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 182649.png
Group Package 團隊禮包:
VIP Dino Gang for 10  貴賓恐龍團隊(十人)禮包 (HK$18,000)
  • 10x Dinosaur kids costume ​小童恐龍服飾

  • 10x Dinosaur adult costume ​大人恐龍服飾

  • 20x Running Game Pass 恐龍慈善跑參加証 

  • 10x Activities access pass (PPDS session, Educational Games, Movie, Open-top bus, and more)  活動入場証 (恐龍主題耀學園時段、教育遊戲、電影、開縫巴士遊、還有更多)

  • Guarantee PPDS session access entry on event day  當天耀學園時段入場保證

  • 10x Activities completion medal 活動完成獎牌

  • 10 x Accompanying adult Entrance Passes 陪同人士(成人)入場証

  • 10 x Exclusive VIP Dinosaur Gift 貴賓獨家恐龍禮品

  • 1x Professional photo 專業照片

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