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Dinosaur Charity Run 2023 Roar Back into Action!​ YCCECE welcomed 200 Dinosaurs!








On 26th November, a group of “little dinosaurs” ran into the Tin Wan Campus to participate in “Dinosaur Charity Run 2023”! The event surpassed all expectations, providing nearly 100 families with an enthralling array of dino-themed educational activities and games. Participants unleashed their inner dinosaur and enjoyed running obstacle courses tailored for kids and parents. ROAR!!!


Professor Allan Yuen, President of YCCECE emphasized the significance of diverse games and activities. He underscored their pivotal role in enhancing children's cognitive development, while simultaneously kindling their boundless creativity and imagination. By engaging in a wide range of experiences, children are equipped with the tools to navigate the complexities of the world and unleash their full potential. The dinosaur maze with interactive features stimulated the children to learn through their senses. At the 'Readosaurous' Readathon library, our teachers and students read dinosaur stories and interacted with the children during storytelling. A unique highlight was the open-top bus tour that took the dinosaur participants on a guided sightseeing adventure, learning about dinosaur history while roaring around the city. Children further unleashed their energy at different dinosaur play zones at Pamela Peck Discovery Space. There are also educational booths that explores themes of STEM and carbon footprint and many more games.


The event delivered an exciting lineup of educational activities and games that delighted both children and parents alike, all while raising important funds for early childhood educators. All funds raised by individual participation packages and corporate sponsorships went towards empowering the Yew Chung Promise. Our generous donors also sponsored complimentary packages for families in need to join our delightful event.


Ms Winnie Ho, Director of Institutional Advancement & Marketing, said “Through our collective efforts, we have successfully raised nearly half a million dollars, which will be going towards addressing the crucial scholarship and bursary needs of our students. Once again, we express our deepest gratitude for the unwavering generosity and steadfast commitment of our participants, individual donors, and corporate sponsors to our cause.”

一群「小恐龍」於11月26日跑入田灣校舍參加學院再次舉辦的「恐龍慈善跑2023」!這個以恐龍為主題的嘉年華會內容豐富,超出所有預期。包括為 100 多個家庭提供了一系列寓教育於遊戲的項目,讓孩子們和家長都樂在其中。參與者盡情釋放內心的恐龍精神,享受悉心設計的親子恐龍障礙賽跑,哮!!!

耀中幼教學院校長袁海球教授強調各種遊戲和活動的重要性,以促進兒童認知發展方面的關鍵作用,同時也點燃了他們無限的創造力和想像。透過參與廣泛的體驗,小朋友能提早認識世界和自己的潛能。在活動當天,龐大的恐龍迷宮讓孩子透過感官建立破解難關的能力。在 「閱讀龍」圖書館中,我們的老師和學生為孩子們娓娓朗讀恐龍故事,並在講故事的過程中與孩子互動。另一個亮點是「恐龍開篷巴士之旅」,在導遊的帶領下參與者乘坐開篷巴士在港島熱點探險和學習恐龍歷史。此外, 在耀學園的不同恐龍遊戲區,孩子們進一步釋放了他們的活力。還有,以 STEM 和碳足跡為題的教育攤位及更多遊戲。

那麼多精彩的活動,「小恐龍」和同家長們都樂在其中,渡過一個愉快的週末,同時更有善心人士贊助有需要的家庭參加是次活動,讓他們都能夠分享這愉快的盛會。學院及市場拓展總監何靜儀表示:「大家齊心合力成功籌集了近 50 萬港幣,這些善款將用於學院需求,提供獎學金和助學金給有需要的學生。我們再次衷心感謝參加者、個人捐款者及機構贊助的慷慨支持及認可我們學院的理念。」

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